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"...After many years of struggling with acne, I finally have clear skin."

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How Does It Work?

This acne removal laser pan utilizes 415 nm Blue Light technology to penetrate deep into the skin. It effectively kills bacteria and removes acne deep within.

It is touted as the ultimate solution for getting rid of acne. It is so effective that dermatologists all around the world are recommending it.

It promotes a combination of protein and bone collagen to tighten your skin, get rid of red spots and remove acne scars. 

It prevents the formation of new acne scars, evens skin tone, brightens complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation. 

You will notice results within weeks of usage.

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Varistop X uses light and sensor technology to penetrate deep into the skin layers so that skin regenerates and improves from the inside out. Once the acne-causing agents are contacted, blue light laser begins to fight the bacteria and infections to get rid of the pimples. This means that Varistop X works at the root of the problem so that the results are permanent and not temporary. 

The Veristop X can be used anywhere on the face, and even on other parts of the body that are showing signs of inflammation. In order to provide the most efficient results, it needs to be placed over the affected area for a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just take out the pen and place it gently over the affected area for a few seconds.  

Yes. It uses scientifically proven 415nm blue light to kill the bacteria in the skin and pores.​

No, it doesn't. Because it uses blue light laser technology, it is completely harmless. It doesn't get hot and it doesn't sting.

It is completely safe to use, it doesn't have any kind of side effects.

Facebook Reviews

Varistop X - Acne Laser Pen 5

Lyndsey Brook


So I did a thing.... BEST PURCHASE EVER!!
Since face masks have taken over our lives I was finding that my lower face and neck were having terrible breakouts... as well as other parts of my actual body- ummm ewwww. At my age (40) they then lead to scars and nasty looking dark spots. I was also experiencing what seemed like actual cysts under my skin, even on my cheek bones. It was terrible and I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It was painful and my face was swollen in the bad areas. Sure the occasional pimples one thing but this was a whole different ball game, my face and neck just wouldn’t heal and kept getting worse. Even my skincare products weren’t helping:( So I gave this a try and in literally a week my skin is almost clear and even the brown spots (acne scars and sunspots) have faded a lot, my under eye dark circles have cleared as well!! I’m super excited to see what a month or better of using this will do!! I have also had minor pimples starting that are literally not there the next day after using this product.

Varistop X - Acne Laser Pen 6

Ayra Luna


This product is absolutely amazing. I used to work in a spa and used a medical grade high frequency machine and Veristop X is at the same quality. Originally bought it during the pandemic because my skin was breaking out from wearing masks so often... and It has literally changed my life. My skin never felt and looked better. Would buy it 100 times again. MUST HAVE.

Varistop X - Acne Laser Pen 7

Radhika Osborn


I have tried every product out there for stubborn adult acne and this is by far the best product I've found and for a great price! Immediate results, I am so impressed and would HIGHLY recommend this product.

Varistop X - Acne Laser Pen 8

Jonathan Barlow


Seems to help my acne knots. Easy to use and doesn’t dry my skin out.

Varistop X - Acne Laser Pen 9

Andrew Rees


I have had problems with acne my whole life. I can usually feel when it when a pimple is about to appear and they used to take a week or two to eventually clear up no matter what I tried. My niece introduced me to this device because she fell in love with the results and now I'm hooked! It's amazing what technology can do these days!

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