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  • Stream Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, HBO Now and thousands more to your TV!
  • Watch Free Movies, Shows, News and Sports.
  • Cut your Cable TV and save thousands of dollars every month.

Why squint looking at tiny videos on your phone when you can wirelessly beam them to your giant TV screen? TV Buddy Caster can make your videos huge, and it’s super easy to use, too! TV Buddy Caster wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi network, and is compatible with all of the major names in video streaming.

Here are some of the services you can stream:

tv buddy caster services


  • Tubi TV
  • Popcornflix
  • Yidio
  • Sony Crackle
  • SnagFilms
  • Pluto TV
  • Vudu
  • Viewster
  • Kodi
  • YouTube
  • ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes
  • SPB TV
  • NBC
  • Viki: Free


Save hundreds of dollars and cut your cable TV!

With the growing popularity of online streaming, more and more people are cutting out cable TV. Not everyone, however, can afford to keep up with the latest Smart TV models, so many people are still stuck squinting at phones when they want to watch a new movie. TV Buddy wirelessly streams apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, HBO Now, and thousands of others straight to your TV.

TV Buddy uses your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as the remote control. It seamlessly connects to your Wi-Fi network and is completely compatible with even 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. TV Buddy is compatible with countless apps and streaming services, unlike some Smart TV’s that limit you to certain apps. You get lag-free streaming at a fraction of the price of other Smart TV’s while still providing all your entertainment needs and more.

TV Buddy Caster Features:

    Just connect TV Buddy Caster to your Wi-Fi network and you’re ready to go!
  • Instant streaming
    No “buffering” messages, and no lag or dropouts.
  • Full HD Video
    TV Buddy Caster will stream content at resolutions up to 1080p.
  • Works with:
    YouTube, Vevo, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now/Go, Sling TV, DailyMotion, Twitch, and many others.
  • Also great for streaming music
    Including Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, TuneIn Radio, iPlayer Radio, and others.

TV Buddy Caster Reviews:

By using the streaming device you can save a lot of money. Nothing negative is yet known about the TV Buddy Caster streaming device. The experiences, which were published so far with the Streaming Device, are by away very positive. Many customers are enthusiastic about how quickly you can switch between the individual services such as Twitch, Netflix or Youtube. Almost every video could be transmitted to the television by the users surveyed. Some users even consider the product to be a kind of magic. This is mainly due to the fact that it is so uncomplicated and trouble-free.

To use your streaming service in the future, simply plug in your streaming device. You can immediately start streaming to your large screen device. No special settings are required and no software needs to be downloaded to watch your movies. The streaming device is therefore also well suited for users of streaming services who are not very technically skilled.

TV Buddy Caster – Streaming Device Reviews

  1. Monica

    This thing is like magic! It’s the second one I’ve bought, I had to give the first one to my Dad. He can’t believe he doesn’t have to sit at the computer to watch movies anymore. Just plug it in and go! I always say my TVBuddy Caster is the best $49.95 bucks I’ve ever spent!

  2. Harris

    I love TVBuddy, this thing is great, I use a couple different streaming services and TVBuddy works great with all of them. It also does music, not just TV and movies, so I always have Spotify going whenever I have people over and everyone can contribute to the playlist. It’s great!

  3. Jane J

    TVBuddy is the best casting device for the value. I have one installed on every TV in my house. I love how quick and seamlessly everything runs, and how I can do it all so easily, especially considering I’m not the best when it comes to tech.

  4. Janine

    I’m pretty serious about my photography, and it’s just amazing to see my photos on my HDTV. I was going to buy a large monitor to use with my laptop, but TVBuddy Caster lets me watch for photos right on my large screen TV!

  5. Jarelle W

    Let’s face it, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world to look at photos on a tiny little phone. Being able to view them on a giant TV screen makes all the difference in the world! You’ll notice faces and details you’ve never even seen before!

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