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Tigress Alert Review – How It Makes Me Feel Safer Than Ever


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I didn’t think it could happen to me. But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Carter and I work as a Software Engineer for a large tech company in Detroit, MI. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and I don’t usually worry about being targeted by petty criminals, even though I realize how dangerous our society is becoming and how no one is exempt from being targeted. My wife, who works in law enforcement, is always telling me I should be more aware when I’m out. Now I know why.

I realize how dangerous our society is becoming and how no one is exempt from being targeted”.

One evening after I finished up a long day at work, I was confronted by someone I didn’t know in the parking garage. He was carrying what looked like a dead cat! I started to walk in a different direction, but he quickly cut me off. He started shouting and then raised the dead cat over his head like he was going to strike me with it.


I reached into my own pocket, and fortunately, I had remembered to take my wife’s Tigress Alert. I pulled the pin, projecting a staggering 130 decibels of noise. His face immediately changed from just deranged to a look of total fear and panic. He made a high-pitched shriek, dropped the cat, and ran away in a panic.

I have no doubt that the Tigress Alert saved me from something terrible”.

It all happened in a mere moment, but I’m convinced that without this amazing device, things may have turned out much differently. I never leave home without my wife’s Tigress Alert now. And honestly, after that experience, she won’t let me leave the house without it.

Tigress Alert is your safety

Tigress Alert is a personal security device specifically designed to keep you safe no matter where you happen to find yourself. Despite being incredibly small, Tigress Alert packs a punch. A very loud punch. 130 decibels. That’s loud enough to effectively stop anyone in their tracks. Your assaulter will think twice (if they can think at all) about continuing their attack on you.


130 decibels. That’s loud enough to effectively stop anyone in their tracks”.

Tigress Alert not only bombards your assailant with an ear-splitting ‘scream’ but it also acts as an emergency beacon to anyone within earshot. And let me tell you, there will always be someone who will hear you if you press this alarm. It’s that effective. Your attacker will flee and several people, at the very least, should be on the way to assist you. Knife and gun control laws are becoming more strict than they ever have before. And it’s just not that practical to carry around a set of nunchucks or a broad sword or what have you. But absolutely anyone can carry and utilize a Tigress Alert. If you’ve never considered all the benefits of a tool like this, then keep reading. It wouldn’t be right for me to keep all this vital information to myself. This is something that will actually help you when you need it.

Keys, wallet, and now, Tigress Alert


Limited Time Discount

I never leave home without Tigress Alert anymore. It doesn’t matter where I go. Even if it’s just a quick run down to the convenience store, I have it with me. I honestly don’t feel safe without it. A sustained blast from Tigress Alert will completely lessen the resolve of any potential attacker. If they don’t outright flee the immediate area, they’ll be so shocked that you’ll have the much-needed time to get out of there or to gain the upper hand. Tigress Alert is incredibly compact and easy to use. And in these increasingly dangerous times, I recommended it for absolutely everybody. From children to seniors, there is literally no one who could not effectively use this device in an emergency situation.

Tigress Alert is the only security device for you

I can’t recommend Tigress Alert enough. Aside from my own personal safety, it’s just so practical. I can take it anywhere and I’m genuinely not intimidated about running into someone sketchy late at night. I know that one blast of Tigress Alert is enough to make any potential attacker rethink their choice to confront me.

Here are three reasons why I’ll simply never leave my home again without Tigress Alert:

  1. My wife won’t let me – Remember my wife, who works in law enforcement? Well, she’s my go-to authority on all things related to personal safety and she will absolutely, under no circumstances, allow me to leave the house without her Tigress Alert. I’m not arguing with her. In fact, I have to purchase another one for her because I have hers with me all the time now.
  2. 130 decibels of noise – I know I already stated this, but do you really know just how loud 130 decibels is? Well, it’s louder than a car horn. It’s louder than an ambulance siren. In fact, It’s about as loud as military jet taking off from an aircraft carrier. That’s insane. Good luck to any attacker trying to assault you in that kind of noise.
  3. Compact and portable – An assault can happen anywhere, at any time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the trails, on the subway, or in a parking garage. Criminals don’t wait for convenient times. Tigress Alert is small enough that I can put it literally anywhere. It also has a convenient keychain so I can put it on a keyring, a backpack, a jacket, a lanyard, or wherever.


Limited Time Discount

Tigress Alert is easy to use

Despite how effective Tigress Alert is, it’s incredibly easy to use.

  1. Pull the pin located on the side of the Tigress Alert.
  2. The ear-splitting 130dB alarm will start going off
  3. Watch your assailant flee from you as fast as they can.

I must say that it might be a good idea to pick up another Tigress Alert, as I guarantee that people you know will want yours after they see how effective it is. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


Walk easy with Tigress Alert

Reports of violent crime are on the rise. And I don’t think it will get better anytime soon. We can ignore our safety, or we can prepare ourselves. Tigress Alert is an extremely effective crime deterrent and Americans are starting to realize this. If there ever was a time where a tool like this was needed, it’s now.


“I waited for a scare before getting my own. Don’t be like me”.

There’s a pretty amazing offer happening right now and if you take advantage of it, you can not only get your own Tigress Alert, but you can also pick one up (or more) for very little extra. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to keep safe. Tigress Alert is the first line of defense for living in these unpredictable times.

Limited Time Discount


Tigress Alert Review - How It Makes Me Feel Safer Than Ever
Tigress Alert Review - How It Makes Me Feel Safer Than Ever 1

I reached into my own pocket, and fortunately, I did remember to take my wife’s Tigress Alert. I pulled the pin, projecting a staggering 130 decibels of noise.

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