Sterilize X – Portable Home Sterilizer

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  • Portable home sterilizer
  • Scientifically proven
  • Protects home from viruses and bacteria

Portable home sterilizer protects home from viruses and bacteria

Sterilize X is a small but powerful sterilization lamp created by four germaphobes. It is the perfect device for blasting your surroundings with UV-C rays. Laboratory testing shows that UV can remove up to 99% bacteria and germs. This is a proven technology that has been killing mold, fungus, bacteria, and microorganisms since the beginning of time. Today, hospitals and laboratories use UV light to keep their facilities sterile. In fact, the US government now specifies that germicidal UV be used in all government buildings. So, it’s safe to use but has a deadly effect on microorganisms such as pathogens, germs, bacteria, and mold.

Sterilize X benefits:

Quick results – 30 minutes efficient sterilization.

Practical – kills up to 99% surface bacteria.

Protective – reduces you and your family’s chances of getting sick.

Safe – kills bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Powerful – medical grade UV lamp.

Double protection – ultraviolet and ozone sterilization.

How UV light is generated?

Sterilize X UV light exists naturally as part of the electromagnetic spectrum, however for its use for different purposes it is necessary to “produce” it or generate it artificially. The artificial generation of UV light is carried out in the following way, using a pure quartz emitter (called a lamp), which contains an inert gas (mercury vapor), which when a current is induced Electric at the poles of the lamp, (which generates an electric arc) is ionized, that is, the atoms of the gas receive an electric charge, which increases its energy (excites them).

What does UV sterilization consist of?

  1. The irradiation with UV rays of the microorganisms present in the water causes a series of damages to its DNA molecule, which prevent cell division, thus, its reproduction.
  2. The most germicidal radiation is that with a wavelength of 254 nanometers. The DNA of the microorganisms exposed to this radiation has a maximum absorption, producing irreversible inactivation in the growth and reproduction of pathogens, and thus prevents them from causing disease. The application of UV equipment can be domestic or industrial.
  3. The most common application consists of placing UV equipment on a section of the duct where the water circulates.
  4. UV sterilizers inoculate microorganisms by being irradiated by ultraviolet light; Furthermore, UV radiation destroys algae and protozoa and thus disables their expansion and contamination.

Anyone who thinks about the substances we come into contact with every day can get sick. Often these areas are contaminated with bacteria, which we even take home with us. There they collect and may even cause one or the other illness. But to get everything germ-free, a lot of work and disinfectant would be necessary. With this UV disinfection light, however, it is possible to simply place a device in the middle of the room and assume that all bacteria will be eliminated after setting it up. After about 15 minutes, the device manages to get the room germ-free without any further measures having to be taken. This not only saves a lot of work, but also disinfectant. It can be used in any living room without any difficulties.

Sterilize X advantages:

  • Simple usage
  • Reusable
  • Rechargeable via USB cable or power socket
  • Removes bacteria within 15 minutes
  • Also sterilizes larger areas in the home

Sterilize X Technical details:

Let us now turn to the technical features that the device has to offer. We were able to gather this information:

  • Material: metal, silicone, electrical components
  • Power: 2,5 Watt
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • UV wavelength: 253.7 nm, UV-C
  • Battery: 700 MaH

How to use Sterilize X

  1. Order: Get your Sterilize X portable UVC device.
  2. Press and hold: Press and hold the turn on button for 3 secs.
  3. Wait: Leave Sterilize X to work for 30 minutes.
  4. Enjoy: Return to the room and enjoy crisp, sterilized air.

For more information you can also check the review.

Sterilize X – Portable Home Sterilizer Reviews

  1. Alfred Brown

    Got this little lamp on sale, did not think it would be effective but it did disinfect all my house in an afternoon . Thanks and recommended

  2. Katie Perez

    Thank you very much for this small and powerful device. It simplified cleaning process for our family very much.

  3. Helen Johnstone

    My friend works in hospital as administrator. She recommended me UV cleaning as the most harmless and effective way to sterilize. Tried it out – seems to work great! Me and my folks feel much safer. Cheers!

  4. Clifton Smith

    I work in water sanitization and use UVC all the time. I never thought you can make it so small and portable – apparently I was wrong! The lamp is great, doing its job. Thank you, 10/10!

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