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Sterilize X Review – Does It Really Work?


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Believe it or not, your children or pets aren’t the only ones living rent-free in your lovely homes. No matter how neat and tidy the place is, it can become a harbor of germs, bacteria and viruses if we don’t exercise the necessary care. So, recently I learned something that has completely changed the way I look at my home sweet home. I was driving home with the radio on in the background. In the story, they talked about sneaky spots in our home that are probably full of viruses and can cause diseases. Yeah, we hear a lot of similar information these days. But something surprised me and made me think. Is my house and the gadgets that I use daily as safe as I always thought? They started by saying that the average cell phone has “18 times more bacteria than a public restroom.” Yes, the same phone that we hold near our mouth or give to our children to play with! Well, they certainly had my attention. And, what they were saying made sense.


They said that the bacteria and germs are transferred to the phone from our hands. It made sense, since we’re always touching dirty handrails, doorknobs, and everything else we come in contact with in this world. They continued by saying that our footwear is a huge culprit for bringing germs into our home, so it’s no surprise that their storage unit is a bacterial breeding ground. You never know what somebody stepped in. So, you are not the only one that can bring viruses from outdoors. What about children, pets, other guests? By the way, when was the last time you disinfect your shoe rack? Once I came home, I went straight to the bathroom and wiped my phone down with a sanitizing wipe. There, I thought, Now it’s clean. But how long would that really last? What about all other stuff that is in our house?

Well, I called my friend, who’s more than a little bit of a germaphobe to share what I have heard. But she was so calm and slowly told me: “Dear, I’m lately using UV sterilizer called Sterilize X, so I have no worries about all this grossness.

What is Sterilize X?


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The technology behind Sterilize X ensures that the virus DNA is completely destroyed. In other words, microorganisms are dead. It can even neutralize “superbugs” that have developed a resistance to antibiotics. UVC light is used for air and surface disinfection even in hospitals, care homes, laboratories (no more words needed here).


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How does Sterilize X work?

Turns out it’s really quite simple. All you need is to put all the stuff that you want to disinfect (phone, purse, bags, towels) in one room. Put the Sterilize X in the middle, turn it on and leave the room in 30 seconds in order to achieve maximum protection.

  • Remote controls
  • Telephone handsets
  • Eyeglasses and pens
  • Tablets and iPads
  • Laptops and keyboards
  • Calculators and phone chargers
  • Desktops, tables and other surfaces

And, it does all this during its short 30-minute cycle. The UV light safely sanitizes your room (and, anything else that’s inside it). At this point it is safe to re-enter the room and enjoy the crisp, clean air. I know there are alternatives to Sterilize X; disinfectant spray, cleaning wipes also do their job. But just imagine how long it would take to clean every corner of our home, car, or working place, no doubts, Sterilize X saves our time here.


Sterilize X, is it really worth all this hype?

Since its debut, Sterilize X has been constantly selling out. So much, in fact, that people are considering themselves lucky when they finally get their hands on one. Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but I have a bio degree so I get excited about things like this and had to check it out. It definitely passed the test. The science speaks for itself. Very nifty product, works great and easy to use. It does in fact work actually I did a lot of research on this type of sterilization before I bought this. Everything I found by scientists or electronics reviewers said that it does in fact kill all those gross germs that are all over our house. You can’t see it but I’ll trust the experts who say this light is working. It makes me feel better after I clean it so I guess that’s a win.


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Sterilize X is so easy to use

I really liked the ease of operation; you simply put the device in, leave the room and it automatically sanitizes everything with ultraviolet light in about 30 minutes (though I didn’t really time it). Once the light goes out the room is sanitized and ready to enter. I also liked the sanitizer’s styling; small size and stylish appearance make the Sterilize X lamp look like a tiny ornament at my home.


After hearing all this hype, I wanted to get a professional’s opinion on the Sterilize X, so I talked to Dawn Clarinwall, Pathologist at St. Eve’s Hospital. Here’s what she said. Most people don’t realize just how hazardous all things can be. They’re basically a petri dish you hold in your hand and hold up to your mouth. The effects of UV-C light on bacteria are well-documented. Essentially, it destroys the strain by damaging the DNA structure beyond repair. I’ve had the opportunity to test Sterilize X firsthand in my lab, and it works as well as advertised. The bacteria are completely eliminated in about 30 minutes. Since testing it for myself, I’ve been telling the other doctors to start recommending it to their patients. It’s a small thing you can do to really protect yourself from sickness.

After the recommendations, I had to try Sterilize X

So, I ordered Sterilize-X from the official website and it showed up in the mail by the end of the week. It came in a nice, sleek modern-looking box (had this similar feel to Apple products). When I first opened the box, I could tell that the design and quality of the product was top notch.


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Sterilize X Review - Does It Really Work?
Sterilize X Review - Does It Really Work? 1

I also liked the sanitizer's styling, small size and stylish appearance make the Sterilize X lamp look like a tiny ornament at my home.

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