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Star Scope Review – Is It Worth It?


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A tiny, super-high quality monocular that fits in my pocket called Star Scope disrupted my whole world of photography. When I was in college, I really got into photography. I spent all my free time online reading about the latest digital cameras and lenses. I bought photo magazines and studied the articles. But I still haven’t heard about Star Scope. I joined a lot of online camera forums. I even joined a dozen Facebook photography groups. I was convinced that that I needed the latest and most expensive photo gear to get great photos like the pros. There were some really great photographers and I wanted to shoot just like them.

Part time jobs and months of skipping eating out to save money finally allowed me to save almost $3,000 and I pulled the trigger on a full-frame Canon DSLR, plus some “L” zoom lenses. I also got a “nifty fifty” 50mm lens. I’m a hiker and a traveler. The Canon gear was heavy and fragile. I had to lug it all over airports and carry my gear on flights. When I stayed in a hotel or AIRBNB, I didn’t want to leave the cameras in the room. I was afraid someone would steal them. And after all that, my images were not that much better than what I got with my cheap point and shoot digicam. It was a frustrating and expensive lesson.

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One day I was looking at the Flickr page of one of my college photography teachers. His stuff was awesome. He had super-sharp, really colorful photos of wildlife and of interesting cities like Tokyo. And on his Facebook page, there were a lot of amazing shots of some really hot girls. When they heard he could make them look like models, they all begged him to take their photos. And he had some published magazine covers!

I messaged him. What gear are you using for your photos? Canon? Leica? Nikon? They are awesome. You must have some really expensive lenses!” He messaged me back. “HA! I tossed all my expensive, heavy camera stuff. That’s all so last century. The only thing I use today is this tiny lens I bought from Star Scope Monocular and my iPhone. The Star Scope Monocular is made with CNC/CAD design so it’s better than all that old heavy stuff.” I figured he was kidding me, but the Star Scope Monocular was not a lot of money, so I ordered one. When I did the unboxing, I loved the high quality finish and the smoothness of operation.

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And I did my first test with my iPhone. Amazing. Sharp gorgeous colors, beautiful image quality. I even tried it with my older Samsung Android phone and the results were still great. So now you see why I sold my heavy, expensive Canon gear. I made a lot of money selling it on eBay so I have extra money for travel and fun.

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I can carry the Star Scope Monocular with me anywhere. It is so light I don’t even feel it. I don’t have to worry about it when I travel, it is always in my bag. No carry-on nightmares. No worry about theft from my hotel rooms. And my photos are absolutely awesome. That’s because I always have my iPhone with me, and with the Star Scope Monocular I’m always ready to capture the decisive image. In clubs, in restaurants, outdoors, and with my crew. My girlfriend loves my shots of her. And last summer when I was in Shinjuku, even the “cool Japanese camera nuts” all wanted to try my lens. They all wanted to buy one after they saw the results. Star Scope Monocular is the best thing that ever happened to my photography. I love it. If you are into photography, You have to try it. You’ll never go back to the “old fashioned” gear.

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Star Scope Review - Is It Worth It?
Star Scope Review - Is It Worth It? 1

I can carry the Starscope Monocular with me anywhere. It is so light I don’t even feel it. I don’t have to worry about it when I travel, it is always in my bag. No carry-on nightmares. No worry about theft from my hotel rooms.

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