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  • Perfect for keeping even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy.
  • Lets you store food for longer without sacrificing freshness.
  • Comes with reusable BPA-Free bags that lasts 10x longer than other products.

Save Sealer is a handheld mini vacuum sealer that boasts the same accuracy and efficiency as those large, bulky sealers without any of the hassle. It comes with a variety of different sized zip bags just connect Save Sealer to the air valve to seal out oxygen and moisture within seconds. The airtight seal guarantees that food stays fresher 5x longer than it would with saran wrap, foil or tupperware. Save Sealer is the chef’s secret to perfect Sous Vide cooking, locking in flavors and nutrients for explosive flavor. You can use Save Sealer in any situation: picnics, camping, traveling, to store dry/wet foods, for weekly meal preps and to store leftovers. 

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Tired of brown avocados and bananas? Save Sealer is perfect for keeping even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy. Throwing away food is like throwing money into the trash can. Save Sealer lets you store food for longer without sacrificing freshness. Save Sealer helps you save space in your freezer, fridge or pantry by sucking out excess air for a compact food package. No more bulky sealing machines or boxy tupperwares. Saran wrap and foil might be cheap, but it’s a short term solution that provides low quality results. Save Sealer comes with reusable BPA-Free bags that lasts 10x longer than other products.savesealer product image2

How does Save Sealer work?

Lay the plastic zip closure bag flat with the air valve facing up and fill it with your favorite foods. Push out air with your hands and zip the bag closed. Attach the Save Sealer vacuum sealer and click the button to suck out excess air in seconds. Save Sealer will stop automatically when all of the air is out and you can store the bag in the freezer, fridge or pantry for later use. Food stays fresher for longer, retaining nutrients, flavor and freshness.savesealer product image1

With the mini vacuum food sealer that makes it easy to retain freshness and taste:

  • Creates an airtight seal around food that completely locks out moisture and oxygen.
  • Air-tight bags are manufactured from BPA-free material for safe storage without harmful chemicals.
  • Perfect for Sous Vide cooking, meal prep, bulk shopping, travel, storing leftovers and for outdoors activities.

Save Sealer bags are made out of BPA-free plastic. That means they are completely safe to boil food in, there’s a whole big movement known as sous vide, where people slow boil food in BPA-free plastic bags. Sous vide preparation is supposed to preserve flavors much better, because you don’t expose meat to super high temperatures, with just the Save Sealer bags. you can just plop them in water, and you’re good to go.

The Save Sealer helps with:

  • Food Preservation: Plastic wraps trap oxygen in, so food becomes soggy and wilted after a few days. The Save Sealer system sucks air out, so food retains nutrients and flavors longer.
  • Less Waste: Are you tired of throwing away rotten food and single-use plastic wrap? The Save Sealer comes with BPA-Free reusable bags, to help cut kitchen waste by 50%.
  • No-Hassle: Save Sealer is cordless and USB chargeable. It takes mere seconds to store food, sucking out air in seconds with just a push of a button.
  • Organization: Tired of trying to find a saved meal amidst all that container clutter? The bags can be stacked or filed for more efficient organization in your fridge, freezer or pantry.
  • Save Money: Between buying plastic wrap and tossing uneaten food, you’re basically spending hundreds of dollars to fill up your trash can. The Save Sealer puts an end to all of that waste.

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Frequently asked questions:

Are the bags reusable?

The bags are manufactured using thick, durable BPA plastic. They can be washed and reused multiple times.

Does Save Sealer require batteries?

No, it comes with its own USB cable for easy plug-in charging.

Is this idea for Sous Vide cooking?

The bags are BPA-free and multi-layered for health and durability. As well, you’ll receive seal clips for the bags especially for Sous Vide cooking?

What types of food can I save with this?

You can use it to preserve any type of cooked, raw, wet or dry food. This includes marinated meats, fruits, vegetables, herbs, soups, cheese, nuts, leftovers, grains, cereals, sauces, seafood, etc.

Does it prevent freezer burn?

Yes, the vacuum sealer effectively removes all oxygen and moisture so food stays fresh longer, even in the freezer. You can also use it to store food in the refrigerator and pantry.


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Save Sealer – Vacuum Food Sealer Reviews

  1. Mary Conklin

    I recently tried Sous Vide cooking with this for a dinner party, and after getting tons of compliments had to come back and give it a 5 star review. You won’t regret buying SaveSealer!

  2. Vicki P. Johnson

    After 3 months of use, it’s amazing how much money this has saved my family. If you’re on a tight food budget or have picky eaters who leave a lot of leftovers, I highly recommend this to make your life easier.

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