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Save Sealer Review – Is It Worth It?


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I’m saving money, my food stays fresh longer, and my fridge and freezer are more tidy and organized all because of Save Sealer. My daughter opened the fridge when she spotted it.

“Ew, gross” she said with a frown on her face. “You're not gonna make us eat that, are you?”

I took a look to see what she was on about. And I had to admit it looked pretty bad. On the top shelf of the fridge, I was thawing out 3 steaks for dinner. I paid almost $25 for them. But now that they defrosted, they turned an ugly brown color. What's worse, they were soaking in blood-colored liquid that ran off from the meat.

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I froze these steaks straight from the store. Now that they defrosted, the steaks looked bad. And I knew from previous experience, they would taste even worse than they looked dry, tough, with a slight metallic flavor. Why did this happen so often? I was sick and tired of wasting money on quality meat and having it ruined in the freezer. I made it my mission to figure out how to freeze and unfreeze food properly.

It turned out it's not about how you thaw food. It's about how you freeze it to begin with. You've probably heard of something called “freezer burn.” If you ever take frozen meat out and it's got a fine layer of frost on it, then you've seen freezer burn. Freezer burn happens because moisture is getting sucked out of your food and freezing on the surface of the meat. In essence, you're taking that nice piece of meat and dehydrating it making jerky out of it. Freezer burn ruins the flavor and texture of your meat.  To make things worse, when you defrost your food, that frozen moisture melts and runs off. You're left with a spongey, discolored piece of mush. Because of freezer burn, meat loses its flavor and texture.

It turns out the real culprit is air. The more air your food is exposed to in the freezer the more freezer burn you get. I won't get into the science of it. But basically, imagine a wet towel. If you bunch up that towel inside a plastic bag, the towel will stay wet for a long time. But spread the towel out in open air, and it will dry out quickly. The dry air in your freezer sucks out moisture and ruins your food.

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Something similar happens with the meat in your freezer. The dry freezer air wants to suck out as much moisture from your food as it can. It wants to ruin that steak you've been saving for a special occasion. Some people say to just use regular ziploc bags, and squeeze out as much air as you can. But I tried this before and it didn't work well. Even a little bit of air left in the bag could still cause freezer burn. Unfortunately, even the simplest vacuum sealer costs hundreds of dollars.

Option two is to buy a vacuum sealer. Basically, this is a fancy device that looks like a printer and shrink-wraps your food. The trouble is, even the simplest vacuum sealer costs hundreds of dollars and is complicated to use. Both of these were a no-no for me. And then there's option three. It's a kind of goldilocks solution. It gets rid of all the air around your food, it eliminates freezer burn completely, and it's very affordable and easy. It's called Save Sealer. No air at the press of a button.

The Save Sealer system has two parts:

They are both important. The first part is sealable plastic bags. They come in several different sizes. You just put meat or any other food into them, just like you would with a regular ziploc bag. The special thing is these bags have a little valve on them. And that's where the second part of Save Sealer comes in.

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Part two of the Save Sealer system is a little pump that connects to the valve on each bag. Click the pump into the little valve on the bag, press a button, and watch as the bag gets sucked in and clings tightly to the food you've stored inside. All the air has just been removed. And you know what that means? That’s right. No air, no freezer burn. No freezer burn, and your food stays fresh and tasty instead of becoming disgusting. But that's not all. Save Sealer have been a revolution in my kitchen. Yesterday, I defrosted two steaks. They were sealed in Save Sealer bags. There was zero freezer burn. When they thawed, there was no runoff liquid and the color was a perfect red.

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 So when I got home tonight, I seasoned them, and cooked them beautifully. They were absolutely delicious. Even my daughter had a few compliments for me. But get this. Save Sealer do more than just eliminate freezer burn. Saves money, space, and flavor. I got the Save Sealer starter kit three months ago. The pump still works perfectly. You just charge it with a regular usb cable every few days, and it’s always good to go. The bags themselves are quick and convenient. They are washable and reusable indefinitely. You get a package of 8 different sized to start with, but I bought some more later just because I get so much value out of them, all the time.

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They save space in the fridge. They keep food fresh and keep flavors longer. And they save me so much money, since I almost never throw food away any more. Do you need any more reasons to give these Save Sealer a try? All right, then let me tell you one final thing.

Now that you’ve been informed about these Save Sealer, let me show you how easy it is to use them. All you need to do is to follow these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Order your Save Sealer today.
  • Step 2: Upon receiving your Save Sealer, take them out of the packaging to put your food in the Save Sealer bag and suck off the air.
  • Step 3: Your food stays fresh and tasty, no air, no freezer burn.

Here’s a tip: Know anyone who could cook a lot and need to keep there food longer? These Save Sealer perfect for keep your food fresh longer also fridge and freezer are more tidy and organized.

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