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QB Kraftz Review – Does It Really Work?


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Bars closed, clubs closed? Mixologist shares secret of cocktails at home. QB Kraftz is here for you! If your city is in a major crisis, you know that almost every bar and club everywhere might be closed. Not just in the USA, but in major parts of Europe, too, all in an effort to support the concept of “Social Distancing”. The idea is to limit people to gather in groups of less than 10 so as to limit the opportunity for things to spread. It’s a conscious effort to reduce close contact in large groups. Is our social life over or has it just changed? Is social drinking over during quarantine? In many cases, social distancing means serious change, but having a relaxing cocktail is still in the cards. Staying at home with just close family and friends does not mean you can no longer indulge in cocktails like that served at Chumley’s in New York City, or at the Edison in Los Angeles, or clubs like Liv in Miami.

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Don’t worry, the secret to making the best cocktails in the world is here for you and every great bartender and mixologist knows. Learn the secret of mixologists and enjoy amazing cocktails with social distancing. Mixologists secret to the perfect cocktail with crystal-clear, exciting ice cubes.

How do you make the perfect cocktail?

It starts with ice. An expertly-crafted cocktail just isn’t the same without the best ice. QB Kraftz is built to address two important things about ice and your cocktail. Ice does two important things to your cocktail.

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First, it cools down your drink to make the flavors more enjoyable.

Secondly, it dilutes your drink, because as it melts, the water mixes with your spirits and ingredients. And don’t worry about dilution, because it’s a myth that dilution is a bad thing for the flavor of your cocktail.

The best mixologists know, and it has been proven by research that a little bit of water from slowly-melting ice opens up the spirit and its related flavors. That is where your run-of-the-mill ice tray or fridge ice dispenser all fail.

Most home drinks are spoiled because:

  • Fridge ice is small
  • Fridge ice is cloudy
  • Fridge ice smells

The key to the best cocktails is clean, clear, pure, large ice. There are only a few systems rated for bars and for home that create this. QB Kraftz is by far the market leader in this respect. The importance of larger-sized ice is critical because it does not melt as fast as small ice. This is because the surface area is larger and keeps the ice strong and cold like an iceberg in your cocktail.

Have you ever tried to make a serious cocktail or drink a single malt with little tiny freezer ice like this?

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Professional mixologists use molds like QB Kraftz that create large, crystal-clear ice that makes your cocktail special. The beauty of this large ice is slow melting, crystal clear, and that it’s guaranteed to be flavor-enhancing. Real bars also make the shape count. When you are in charge of your ice, any of these fun shapes are easily made.

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When it comes to ice, clarity, size, and shape are key. Bartenders and mixologists know, as well as professional beverage writers, that dilution is never an issue with clear ice made from good water. It’s a false dichotomy, diluted or not diluted. You don’t want to control dilution; you want to get the correct dilution and you want some control over the dilution. Using higher-quality ice gives you more control and can result in a better drink. But even more, you need to judge your ice by its clarity and purity. Does anyone want their cocktail to taste like frozen leftovers? QB Kraftz is a professional ice making kit that guarantees clear, pure ice without absorbing every smell in your freezer. It’s fully-insulated from the rest of your food.

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How to get the most out of QB Kraftz ice:

Big dominant ice cubes are not for every drink. They are not for any of these that are great drinks:

  • Blended margaritas
  • Daiquiris
  • Ice lemonade or iced tea

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They do work perfectly for dominant cocktails involving:

  • Rum
  • Whisky
  • Gin
  • Bourbon
  • Tequila
  • Rye
  • Vodka

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You have seen in cocktail bars those giant ice cubes that fill up most of the glass. The ones that shine like jewels, are bold in shape, and are crystal-clear and pure. When you use this kind of ice produced by QB Kraftz, serving a spirit-forward cocktail over a large rock ice will add less water to your drink over time, and really bring out the flavor, but at the same time, keep the power of your drink. QB Kraftz lets you make big ice, “which allows cocktail temperature and dilution to stay consistent for an enjoyable and extended period of time”. This allows you to enjoy the best whisky and the best cocktails.

Cocktails that are strong we call spirit-forward drinks, and these are best over big ice, as the flavor is enhanced. Mixologists prize their clear pure ice because of the texture of the finished drink and the dramatic look. Many bartenders just say, “Bigger is better, I don’t know why the big cube does a better job, but no one denies it, it just does”. Big ice rocks look dramatic but also don’t move around as much and keep your cocktail unbruised by the dilution of small rock ice.

One of my friends asked, “Why not just use ice machine ice”?

If you’re having a party in your hotel room or while on vacation and you have the choice of using an ice machine ice, do you take it? Or just regular fridge ice, is it good enough? It’s easy; right down the hallway in the hotel. So, ice machine ice, why not? First, look at it closely it’s cloudy. Second, it’s also small and melts in minutes. Ice machine ice is good enough to chill your beer, that’s it. It’s just not meant to make your cocktails or enjoy with your single malt.

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 So, fridge ice and ice machine ice what do they have in common? They’re both frozen without any insulation and therefore are full of contamination and pick up every smell in the fridge. Neither are clear or pure at all. With QB Kraftz, you can take it anywhere frozen as it’s insulated. Literally, you can make new ice in no time at all. Big ice from QB Kraftz also lasts, it’s not just for one cocktail, it literally will last for several drinks because its melt time is far less than ice machine ice. When planning cocktails or a cocktail party, why short yourself with ice machine or fridge ice when you can have custom molded ice?

Here’s my experience with QB Kraftz

  1. I placed my order online and got a big discount!
  2. The product came fast, about a week from order to delivery
  3. It was well packaged and it came in perfect condition
  4. I followed the easy instructions and soon I was enjoying crystal clear ice!

I’m a whiskey drinker, so I tried my round ice in a glass with one of my favorite Japanese Whiskeys. I made one drink for me and one for my wife. I had been reserving a special bottle of Hibiki 17. I bought my Hibiki 17 on a trip to Japan a few years ago. The price of that bottle has gone through the roof since I bought it, and you can’t get your hands on it anywhere. But here we were staying at home now.

What better way to brighten a boring evening at home than with a professional drink!?

It was as good as going out, and the attractive cubes made everything seem fun and festive! The ice did not melt quickly like regular ice would. We drank the delicious Hibiki 17! I was so glad I saved it. And then we had another!! I knew that look in my wife’s eye. She was ready for some intimate time together! It’s a good thing the two kids were sleeping, because I think that after that night, we might be expecting kid 3, if you know what I mean!!

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Don’t waste another minute.

  • Have fun
  • Dispel the gloom
  • Enjoy delicious drinks
  • Feel like you’re going out to a luxury bar, even if you’re staying at home! keeping cheerful and having fun is important!

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Limited Time Discount

QB Kraftz Review - Does It Really Work?
QB Kraftz Review - Does It Really Work? 1

An expertly-crafted cocktail just isn’t the same without the best ice. QB Kraftz is built to address two important things about ice and your cocktail.

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