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  • High quality ice
  • Stackable and reusable, make as much ice as you need
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and portable

Qb Kraftz professional ice making kit makes pure, crystal clear cocktail ice. QB Kraftz is patented and allows you to stack them as high as your freezer allows. Make as much ice as you want. The outer housing is insulation that allows the inner molds to cool slowly. QB Kraftz has a special valve at the bottom that allows water to push from the bottom as it freezes, creating a crystal-clear slow freeze on the ice in the mold and at the same time, keeping its shape. The water at the bottom settles in a special small ice tray for regular cocktails or blended drinks

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QB Kraftz features:

  • Patented to ensure best quality ice
  • Insulated to ensure purity
  • Slow freeze ensures clarity
  • Hundreds of shapes available
  • Fast and portable, best for cocktail parties
  • Stackable and reusable, make as much ice as you need

The exciting new, fun professional product QB Kraftz now allows you to create great home cocktails at home. Simple QB Kraftz molds make unlimited crystal clear ice, it also lets you make big ice, “which allows cocktail temperature and dilution to stay consistent for an enjoyable and extended period of time”. This allows you to enjoy the best whisky and the best cocktails.

  1. Guaranteed high quality – QB Kraftz is made of the best materials to ensure that the ice you get is clear, pure, and free of anything that will taint the taste of your drink.
  2. No hassle returns – If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  3. Quick setup – QB Kraftz is literally ready to go out of the box and you will be making great big crystal clear ice in minutes.


  • Top Tray/Stacking Tray
  • Middle Tray
  • Bottom Tray/Reservoir Tray
  • 2 basic sphere molds made from silicone.

Some amazing shapes that QB Kraftz can make:

qb kraftz product image 2

QB Kraftz is patented and allows you to choose the mold you want and freeze crystal-clear ice in the insulated freezing bar. If you want a different shape, simply swap out the ice mold. Filling with water is simple as pouring into the top filter pouring holes. Every shape allows you to freeze things like berries, fruit, lemon, limes, or even your fiance’s engagement ring right inside. Anything is possible with this product. When you use the kind of ice produced by our product, serving a spirit-forward cocktail over a large rock ice will add less water to your drink over time, and really bring out the flavor, but at the same time, keep the power of your drink. Big ice made from our product also lasts, it’s not just for one cocktail, it literally will last for several drinks because its melt time is far less than ice machine ice. Also, QB Kraftz is made of silicone, the molds are washable and reusable. They will last for years.

Frequently asked questions:

Doesn’t ice dilute drinks?

If used improperly, yes, but with QB Kraftz, you get larger chunks of pure ice, meaning
it melts at a far slower rate, allowing you to enjoy your drink at a consistently cool
temperature without having to rush.

How many different shapes are there?

QB Kraftz comes with a variety of shapes which lets you have fun with your drinks.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, QB Kraftz is just as easy to use as the boring plastic “depression-era” technology
that we’ve been stuck with for years. Just pick your preferred mold, put it into the
freezing bar, add fresh water through the filter holes, and put it in the freezer.

What else can I do with QB Kraftz?

If you want, you can freeze other liquids to make juice cubes in the summer or coffee
cubes for that perfect iced coffee. You may also include frozen berries and other fruit
to add flavor to your drinks.

Is QB Kraftz easy to clean?

Yes, QB Kraftz doesn’t require any specialized cleaning equipment. You can even pop it
in the dishwasher.

For more information you can check the review.

QB Kraftz – Ice making kit Reviews

  1. Henry Luce

    Lets face it, when you make a drink you end up drinking the ice. Fridge ice from the regular dispenser is small, cloudy and often smelling of what’s in the freezer. This company is on a mission to make the best ice for cocktails and they have delivered so far.

  2. Ronald Whitley

    I was part of first-generation preorder. They beat their ready dates and I was amazed how fast I received my product. I am looking forward to this next issue and all the great shapes coming monthly.

  3. Carrie Anthony

    I really thought a great drink was fridge ice and a little shake. Ice makes the drink, and QB Kraft let you make big clear ice that is like freshly cut ice out of a glacier. 100% pure. Best cocktails.

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