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Kaydia Clip Review – Say Goodbye To Headaches


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I’ve been tortured with migraine pain my entire life. I believe it is hereditary. My mother suffered from migraines. I can remember when she was in so much pain, she used to shut off all the lights and lock herself in the dark. Sometimes I could even hear her crying and rocking back and forth.

It really scared me as a kid. But when I became older, like in my late teens, the same thing started happening to me. I got really terrible, horrible migraines and tension headaches. They would hit me like a brick. I’d be in a middle of my day, having fun, when suddenly I would begin to have that weird feeling at the base of my skull. Then there would be a sharp pain behind my eyes. I’d get a cold sweat. Then sharp, stabbing pain that felt like pressure inside of my head. The pain was so terrible I thought I was going to die. You can’t imagine how bad it hurt. It felt like blood vessels were breaking in my head. I wanted to drill a hole in my skull and let some of the pressure out.


It hurt so bad I cried. Even a tiny bit of light would hurt my eyes and cause me blinding pain. As I got into my 20’s and 30’s, the migraine headaches got even worse. I was so scared of getting a migraine that it really messed up my life. Just the thought of debilitating pain scared me. I couldn’t work, couldn’t do anything.

Doctors didn’t help me at all

Of course, I went to dozens of doctors. Some of them couldn’t understand my pain. (I don’t think they ever had a migraine headache and didn’t know what they were like). Some of them would tell me just to “relax”. Some had the gall to tell me that it was “all in my imagination”. At first, they told me to take stuff like aspirin and ibuprofen. Ha, ha, what a joke that was. These over the counter pain medications did  nothing for my pain. I finally found a doctor who agreed to give me a prescription for Oxycodone. In case you don’t know, Oxycodone is a powerful opiate that was developed in Germany and called Eukodal.


I took Oxycodone at the first sign of a migraine, and it stopped my pain for a while, but then it totally knocked me out. I became a little crazy and loopy. I couldn’t drive, couldn’t go to work, and couldn’t function on them. And after a few months, the Oxycodone started to become ineffective and I had to increase the dose. Pretty soon, it stopped doing anything. My doctor told me I was becoming “hooked”. I was developing an addiction. Obviously, I didn’t want to screw up my life, so I stopped taking them before I became an addict. But my headache pain kept getting worse and worse. And then I started developing other symptoms. Tension and sinus headaches. Even neck and back pain. Sometimes I even thought about killing myself. But I didn’t want to leave my kids without a mother. I was so unhappy I didn’t know what to do.

I went to support groups for pain sufferers

I was at the end of my rope. Some friends even told me to “snap out of it”, that I was doing to myself and imagining it. But I found a support group for people who suffered pain, and finally I was with people who could relate to what was happening to me. Maybe someone there could help me with my constant, terrible migraines.


At one of the meetings, man named Benjamin listened to my story with great interest. He said that he had suffered the way I had, but he had finally consulted a very famous London practitioner who had helped him.

My pain is now gone. Turned off like a light switch.” He said. “I consider it a miracle”.

How?” I asked.

Benjamin told me that this practitioner told him about a “secret” that has been known for centuries but had been lost to modern science.

Do you know what the Hegu Point LI-4 is?” he asked. “It saved my life!

The Hegu Point LI-4 is a very special acupressure spot that controls the transmission of pain in the human body.

Some of what I learned is here:

The Hegu LI-4 point is on the dorsum of the hand, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones, in the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the radial side.


Chinese doctors call it the “Command Point of the head and face”. It can act like a “switch” and actually turn off pain. This is some of the things claimed about the Hegu Point LI-4 by researchers. This may or may not be true, but many people believe that stimulating the Hegu Point LI-4 can help with the conditions here:

  • Diseases of the head and face, including headaches, dizziness, congestion, lockjaw, toothaches, swelling, and more.
  • Aversion to cold, fever, febrile disease, anhidrosis (no sweating), hydroskis.
  • Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, dystocia (difficult or abnormal labor/childbirth).
  • Gastric pain, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery.
  • Hemiplegia, finger spasms, pain in the arm, infantile convulsion, manic psychosis, and irritability.
  • Malignant sores, urticaria, scabies.
  • Every type of pain and psychogenic tension.
  • LI-4 can strongly move the qi and blood in the body in order to remove stagnation and alleviate pain.


Functions: Expels “Wind” and releases the exterior, tonifies qi and strengthens immunity, stops pain, regulates the face and head area, induces labor.

Notes: LI-4 is a very common and useful point. It is useful for any condition related to the face and head. It’s also particularly useful for “Wind-Heat” conditions (ie. flu). Finally, LI-4 is known as the pain point connected to the entire body. Anywhere there is pain, use LI-4.

The amazing device Kaydia Clip stopped my pain

After Benjamin explained how Hegu Point LI-4 worked, he showed me how he wore a beautifully-made precision device called Kaydia Clip. You just clip it on your hand and the pain stops. I wanted to scoff at him, but he promised that it would work and kill my pain.


Limited Time Discount

Kaydia Clip is a small clip that has solid copper acupressure contact points that firmly press against Hegu Point LI-4. When you wear it, it will instantly stop pain.

Kaydia Clip will stop pain like:

  • Headaches, migraines
  • Pressure in the head
  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • Sharp aches and pains
  • Chronic pain

It can be worn on the left or right hand.

Here’s my experience with Kaydia Clip

  1. I ordered online from the official site
  2. I got my Kaydia Clip in about a week
  3. I put the Kaydia Clip on my right hand.

I wore the Kaydia Clip all week. I was wondering if it was going to work, when it hit me, I did not get a migraine at all, my pain was gone! 


I didn’t even have tension headaches! Wearing the Kaydia Clip was comfortable. I could even type with it on. Several months after getting Kaydia Clip, my life had turned around. I no longer fear migraine headaches. My life is happy and relaxed. It is a miracle. Every pain sufferer must try this amazing, patented device. There are other similar devices sold, but none as effective and comfortable or with solid copper like Kaydia Clip.

Limited Time Discount


Kaydia Clip Review - Say Goodbye To Headaches
Kaydia Clip Review - Say Goodbye To Headaches 2

After Benjamin explained how Hegu Point LI-4 worked, he showed me how he wore a beautifully-made precision device called Kaydia Clip.

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