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“...JawFit Pro gave me the jawline i've always dreamt of.”

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How Does It Work?

JawFit Pro​ is designed to work out the full range of motion of your bite, giving you a stronger fuller look the kind that botox and face fillers can only dream of. This small affordable piece of equipment will leave your face and neck visibly more toned and youthful.

Made out of food grade BPA free silicone; made in the USA. It trains one of the strongest muscles: the masseter muscle. Whether you want to slim, tone, or tighten this JawFit Pro makes it easy to get the look you've always wanted.

This JawFit Pro​ is designed to work out the full range of motion of your bite, giving you a stronger & leaner look. It can tone and tighten facial muscles through exercise to help reverse the signs of aging. It exercises facial muscles to reduce sagging and wrinkles to help skin restore firmness and look younger and better.

It helps you train and chisel your jaw by helping you activate and train 57+ face and neck muscles resulting in a stronger jawline and a confident smile.

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It is a convenient hands free workout. You can take it on the gym, at work & anywhere else. It helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and reducing your appetite by satisfying the need to chew and eat. Just 5 minutes a day of exercise with JawFit Pro will give you a stronger and toned jawline. Also a more slimed and youthful looking face.

Frequently Asked Questions

JawFit Pro strengthens the jawline by working out the 57+ face and neck muscles.

Just put JawFit Pro in your mouth and stick your thumbs in the hole to adjust it, so you are biting on the biting strips.

Just 5 minutes a day is enough for JawFit Pro to give you the results you desire.

No it doesn't. It's like chewing a massive piece of bubble gum that utilizes facial muscles to strengthen your jaw.

Facebook Reviews

JawFit Pro - Jaw Exerciser 5

Ian Cowan


Pretty easy to use. Going into my second week. I can see a slight difference in my jaw. I got this mainly to try and get rid of my puffy cheeks. I can see a slight difference there too. I notice how my jaw has gotten stronger. When I first started I could do about 30 bites before I needed a rest. Now I can do 50 or even 60 before a rest. I’m going to keep at it. We Will see what happens with two more weeks 300 bites a day.

JawFit Pro - Jaw Exerciser 6

Patrick Winter


I speak more clearly the rest of the day after a 15 minute use. My smile is a lot stronger for the rest of the day. I will be smiling and not even know it and normally my smile game is weak.

JawFit Pro - Jaw Exerciser 7

Mikail Key


Jawfit Pro worked perfectly. I felt the effects immediately. If you're looking to tone your face and jawline then you need to try this product. I LOVE it!!! Be careful because you might end up with a well toned and better looking face and an under toned body. Give it a try, and tone up those sagging facial muscles and weak jawline. You'll be glad you did.

JawFit Pro - Jaw Exerciser 8

Anika Matthams


Love it. I am 36/f. This product is amazing. My face looks toned. I feel like showing my face and neck now. I used it for a month. Loved the results.

JawFit Pro - Jaw Exerciser 9

Oliver Diaz


Absolutely amazing product, me and my girlfriend are both models and use this product often to get into shape and have an extra edge in our photoshoot. Simply put it works as long as you use it on a regular basis.

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