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  • Light and compact for storage and travel
  • Select the memory size that suits you
  • Easily add more memory
  • Move files from Android phone to computer

The future of safe and secure storage is called Infiniti Kloud

Infinti Kloud is ultra portable, handheld, and can store all your important and private files and photos so that you are 100% backed up. No large cloud provider, like Facebook or Amazon, is holding onto (and snooping through) your files and folder. This means you are secure, private, and can have the confidence that if your computer, tablet, or phone fails/is stolen, you are 100% protected and backed up.

One-click backup

Infinti Kloud uses the latest USB 3.0 in combination with proprietary software designed to find and identify your files and quickly and speedily back them up and safely store them in Infiniti Kloud for easy and quick restoration in the event of loss or failure of your PC, Mac, or Android phone.

Private and secure

The big cloud providers have to provide your private files when asked and their staff and employees can have access to your photos and files. Infiniti Kloud puts your backup and private cloud in the palm of your hand where you can store it away from prying eyes.

Easy to restore and transfer

When needed, restore your photos and files with one click, then quickly and easily move files from computer to your Android phone.

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Do I need backups? My own cloud?

Laptops crash. Phones break and are often stolen. The “Blue Screen of Death” is a reality for PC owners. There are a lot of reasons to back up your personal data. And because it’s personal, only you should have access and control over those backups. If you’re looking for easy access to your files when you don’t have internet connection, Infiniti Kloud is the only device that backs up your phone and computer without Wi-Fi. The chances of catastrophic loss means you need to take precautions should the unthinkable happen. Think of data backup as one of those better-safe-than-sorry precautions. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to a huge loss of privacy and security and it doesn’t take much time to back up and keep safe. The cost of going without a backup could be a lot greater.

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How does Infiniti Kloud work?

It’s a combination of patented hardware and proprietary software that work together to provide a one-click backup of your devices. Infiniti Kloud works with any computer and comes with a USB-C and micro USB adapter for full compatibility with the latest (and previous) models of Mac’s, PC’s, and Android phones.

Step 1

Plug Infiniti Kloud into your computer or Android device’s USB port.

infiniti kloud-step

Step 2

Find and open Infiniti Kloud in your File Explorer or install the Infiniti Kloud app.

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Step 3

Click start to automatically locate and back up select file types.

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Benefits of Infiniti Kloud:

  • Compatible with: PC, Windows, Android and Mac! Any usb device!
  • Back up more than one device
  • Amazing usb 3.0 speed, fastest speed, backups in minutes!
  • One-click easy backup
  • Works without Internet
  • Free USB C and micro USB adapter
  • Light and compact for storage and travel
  • Select the memory size that suits you
  • Easily add more memory
  • Move files from Android device to computer and vice-versa
  • One-click photo and file restoration
  • Wireless transfer available via wifi

infiniti kloud-open

Infiniti Kloud is the only device that can move data from your desktop pc to your Surface Pro, and then to your Samsung S10, all using one device. No other backup device does this, and it even works with your iMac. Its USB 3.0 capability means that any device with a USB port is quickly and easily backed up at the fastest speeds. Infiniti Kloud provides a safe and secure backup that fits in the palm of your hand. Also why do we need internet to backup our devices? The entire idea of backup is for when Internet is not working so imagine a backup that requires Internet. Infiniti Kloud is device-to-device and doesn’t need the Internet to work. It’s all in your own hands.

For more information you can also check the review.

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Infiniti Kloud – Backup Device Reviews

  1. Emily Brooks

    I went with the 128GB model and I can’t believe how fast it was. I’m a photographer and I have thousands of photos on my computer. It only took a couple minutes to back up everything.

  2. Alfred Petty

    This thing is a life saver! Something went wrong with my computer last time I did an update and it wiped my hard drive. I would have lost everything if I hadn’t backed up my data a few days earlier.

  3. Henry Carnes

    It really is that easy! I’m no good with technology, but this was so simple, even I could use it. There’s nothing to it, just plug it in and it does all the work for you!

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