Herculian Spring – Knee Joint Support

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  • Durable, lightweight aluminum alloy body.
  • Up to 40kg stronger knee stretch.
  • Easy Velcro type fitting straps.
  • Can be worn on the inside or outside your clothes.
  • One size fits all.

Introducing Herculian Spring – Knee Joint Support

Herculian Spring Knee Joint Support is a revolutionary new product that supports your thighs and calves, reducing the amount of harmful pressure exerted on your knee joints. Removing this pressure from your knee joints can increase your endurance, prevent injuries, and help you lift heavy objects with ease! It’s fantastic for people who like to work out, go hiking, bicycling, or golfing. And of course, it’s great for people who have to lift heavy objects at their job.

By bonding a specially manufactured spring onto an aluminum alloy support pad, HerculianSpring literally puts a spring in your step! Just by wearing a pair, a total of about 40kg of pressure is lifted off of your knees! By relieving your knees of this stress, HerculianSpring can prevent fatigue, soreness, swelling, or even injuries!

An estimated 200,000 knee-related injuries occur annually in the United States, with approximately 95,000 ACL ruptures. Approximately half of these injuries require surgery!


How to Use Herculian Spring

The Herculian Spring Knee Support is fully adjustable and will fit persons of any size.

STEP 1: With the pad behind your knee, connect the top two support straps.
STEP 2: Adjust the height of the support pad
STEP 3: Attach lower support straps
STEP 4: You’re ready to go!

Herculian Spring – Knee Joint Support Reviews

  1. Jason Trimble

    As a professional dancer, my body is on the go nearly 24/7! Between teaching classes, doing rehearsals, and giving performances, my body almost never gets a break. When I first started getting pain in my knees, I was worried. Thank goodness my physical therapist turned me on to HerculianSpring! It allowed my knees to heal and prevented me from getting any other injuries!

  2. Steven Baker

    I’m a lifelong hiker but I was afraid I was going to have to give up hiking because of my bad knees. Then a friend told me about HerculianSpring. I tried them out, and they really had a major impact on my knee problems. All of the pain from hiking disappeared! Now I’m planning my biggest hike ever instead of giving up!

  3. Timothy Rose

     I’m a stock clerk working in a large warehouse. I have to bend and stand all day long, grabbing heavy boxes off of shelves. I thought my knees were going to blow out! But the HerculianSpring takes up to 40kg of pressure OFF of your knees, making every lift so much easier. I could lift boxes all night long with HerculianSpring… probably all night, too!

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