EZSipper – Reusable Eco-Friendly Straw

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  • Sleek interlocking stainless-steel design
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for people on the go

Help save the planet one sip at a time

More than 500 million plastic straws are thrown out every day in the U.S. They break down into toxic microplastics that end up in landfills, the oceans, and even our food and drinking water. All this plastic pollution is terrible for the environment, wildlife, and your own health. You can help put a stop to all of it with the EZSipper eco-straw.


EZSipper lets you enjoy your favorite drinks without making any plastic waste. It features a solid stainless-steel construction that’s anti-rust, anti-bacterial, and 100% BPA-free. Unlike silicone or paper straws, it will never break down or wear out. The straw has 3 interlocking segments that screw together and fit neatly into a pocket-sized carrying case, so you can take it anywhere and sip on the go.


EZSipper is the most advanced reusable straw

  • Solid steel construction – EZSipper’s precision-engineered body is built to last and will never degrade in any beverage.
  • Pocked-sized and portable – EZSipper stays by your side, so it’s ready to go whenever you want to quench your thirst.
  • Easy-clean design – Your eco-straw comes with a collapsible scrubbing brush and a strainer built into the case.


Benefits of EZSipper:

EZSipper is a husky untarnished steel distribute that is gaining popularity among grouping to be utilized in different occasions. Else than enhancing the elegance of your dining shack, the product is susceptible of message the beneath advantages:

  • Risk less for the surroundings: The Eco friendly yellowness doesn’t exude any kindhearted of chemicals into the atmosphere possession the climate empty and untouched.
  • Prevents your body from chemical: Do you copulate that use of impressionable makes bis phenol chemical get into your embody which is bad for your daemonic. So locution no to impressible straws and switching to this unsullied brace alternative can assist you in winning mending of your health.
  • Saves you from welfare diseases: These sippers are BPA uncommitted; chemical which is highly used in impressionable straws and is an hyperbolic drive of daemonic somebody, lyceum execution push.
  • Multipurpose for nonplus drinks: This pleasing perception spread time exploding the beauty of your array can be used for different drinks including humor, shakes or concentrate.
  • Reusable: Since this yellowness does not exude any chemicals in getting heated, it can be misused tuple times.
  • Serious property: EZSipper is oxidization check, long and strongly fattening.
  • Prosperous to use by kids: Since the straws are slight, these can be easily utilized by kids too.


EZSipper key features:

  1. The EzSipper steel straw is made of a high food-grade 18/8 304 stainless steel that allows you to enjoy your drinks without worrying about being poisoned by metals.
  2. With many tests done to find the perfect length at which you can easily carry your straw with you and still have maximum satisfaction taking your drink of choice, the company finally settled at 10.5 inches / 265mm
  3. Washing isn’t stressful at all even when you’re advised to use the brush instead of your washing machine. The length of the brush itself is one unsung hero-feature that makes cleaning the straw a quick and sweet experience. Take nothing away from the easy coupling and uncoupling feature of the straw itself, but at 9.45 inches / 240mm, the brush does shine in this department too.
  4. It isn’t just about the length of the straw or brush, how wide the straw is can determine if you feel like you’re drilling for oil, drowning from the breaking of a dam, or just having a great time sipping some milkshake. With a small diameter, you get the first scenario, a big diameter would get you the second, but just perfect diameter will have you having a good time.
  5. The manufacturers of the EzSipper put some serious thought into making the bag that carries the steel straw. It’s intangible but you’ll agree the experience is real when packing or unpacking your straw. Everyone says it and although you’re special, I doubt you’ll be a unicorn this time honey.
  6. Whatever your specifications are, you’re covered. The package comes with 2 straight straws, 2 bent straws and a brush with a hook to hang it conveniently. You see, the company knows what you like and they sure did come prepared.

How does EZSipper works?

Step 1: Open the EZSipper carrying case.

Step 2: Screw the three straw segments together and attach one of the mouthpieces.

Step 3: Drop the EZSipper into your drink of choice and enjoy.

Step 4: Scrub the straw clean and rinse it out in the strainer.


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EZSipper – Reusable Eco-Friendly Straw Reviews

  1. Paul Chapman

    The straw is really nice, easy to clean, and especially good for smoothies and the kids just love it.

  2. Jeannine Wagner

    Wonderful alternative to plastic straws. Works great, fast and easy to put together, and super easy to clean with the brush that comes with it.

  3. Linda Murphy

    My favorite coffee shop stopped carrying straws, so I made the switch to EZSipper, and I’m glad I did. I keep it on my purse and now I never leave home without it.

  4. Terese Rosa

    I got EZSipper to save the turtles. But honestly it’s better than plastic straws in every way. It’s sturdy, clean, and drinks just taste better.

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