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  • Additional Safety, Security and Privacy
  • Easy Installation in Seconds
  • Portable and Transferable For Any Door

Have peace of mind wherever you are and wherever you go. Your safety is top priority, but it shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Always have an extra line of defense no matter where you are with the Door Defense portable lockTake it with you everywhere, so you can travel with confidence. Never again worry about anyone opening your door without your permission or feeling pressured to let someone in. When your current lock just isn’t enough, use Door Defense for an easy upgrade on your security and privacy.

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Door Defense is a convenient safety device that works on any door, whether you’re at home or away. That means no major renovations, alterations, no extra tools, and no fuss. Door Defense is the strongest temporary lock that works in seconds. For peace of mind, strengthen your existing lock with Door Defense. The last thing you want to worry about when you travel is your own privacy and security. With Door Defense, you can travel with confidence knowing that you have an extra line of defense in any hotel, airbnb, dorm, or hostel. Take your indoor security one step further and use Door Defense to stay secure in your room and improve your privacy. Door Defense gives you more time to react in threatening situations so you can call for help instead of dealing with it on your own.

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Easy to install and can remove in seconds:

Convenience – Have your own personal security guard with you wherever you go! Whether you’re at home or away, Door Defense can provide you with the privacy and security you need in seconds.

Portable – Door Defense is compact and lightweight, your ideal travel lock. Perfect to fit in your purse or even your pocket! Use the device on any door and easily remove it to use again.

Easy to Use – No extra tools or renovations needed. Door Defense installs in seconds for extra privacy and security. No need to remember combinations or fumble with keys.

Door Defense is made from high-grade tensile steel. The precision latch mechanism is also made from an aircraft-grade, super-strong special alloy, it seals the entrance protecting you from key entry by unwanted persons. It also reinforces the door against attack, keeping you safe from someone kicking the door in or other brute force attempts. You insert it into the door latch when you are in the room, and it reinforces your door into a fortress-like barrier to anyone trying to get in.

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Burglaries take place every 18 seconds in the US alone, and surprisingly, many burglars enter through the front door. Thieves
are entering houses, hotel rooms, even vacation homes that are left unattended. Door Defense is a portable lock that fits firmly
onto your existing latch for a smart, easy, secure way to keep you and your belongings safe. The lock is adjustable, compact, lightweight, and super durable. It can be transferred onto any type of door; for safety and protection wherever you are. Just slip the Door Defense onto your existing door latch when you need it, and easily slide it off if you want to transfer it onto another door. Door Defense is an incredibly strong temporary lock that reinforces your door, turning it into a fortress-like barrier. It’s made of a special aircraft-grade alloy that’s basically indestructible. It uses leverage to redistribute pressure from the lock throughout the entire door, making it virtually impossible for anyone to break through. It’s incredibly fast and easy to use, it only takes a couple seconds to get it in place. Carry the convenience of a sturdy lock in your pocket or purse.

Door Defense works on any door for ultimate security and protection:

  • Durable – Door Defense is made of extremely durable high-grade steel and designed to withstand pressure. No matter how hard someone is pushing to get in, it will keep you safe.
  • Temporary – Take it with you everywhere. No extra parts, drilling, or tools needed. Perfect for traveling, dorms, and hotels.
  • Adjustable – for any door, designed to fit on any type of door, so you will always have an extra line of defense wherever you go.
  • Compact – Door Defense is compact and lightweight. Carry it in your purse or even your pocket!
  • Easy to Use – Unlike other locks, our product is simple and easy to use. No need to remember number codes and no fumbling with keys.
  • Convenient – Once you use it, you won’t go anywhere without it! It takes only seconds to lock and easily slides off. Extra security without the hassle!

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Door Defense – Portable Lock Reviews

  1. Jennifer Wagner

    Love this. Bring it with my everywhere. I’m typically a paranoid person already, but this is great for traveling or if you’re staying in a hotel, or if you’re like me and just don’t trust your roommate! Its super easy to use.

  2. Kellie Miele

    I bought this when my job required me to start traveling a lot. I never really know where I’m going to end up, or what kind of hotel they’re putting me in, so this is a great thing to have.

  3. Andres Ridenour

    Started using this when someone broke into my place at night. The crazy thing is, I didn’t even wake up! I felt so violated when I woke up to all my things missing. Hope it never happens again.

  4. Erika J. Topp

    I just moved into an apartment and I’m not too familiar with my neighbors yet, so I decided to start using this at night just for peace of mind. Fortunately, nothing has ever happened. But at least I can sleep at night knowing that I’ll be protected.

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