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  • Takes years off your appearance
  • Non-surgical solution
  • Recontour your neckline
  • Works instantly

The Simple, Instant Solution to the Most Tell-Tale Sign of Aging. Contours Rx has done it again with another anti-aging product that transforms your look instantly. Contours Rx – Neck Rescue erases years off your look by gently holding excess skin behind your neck for a more youthful, smooth neckline. If you are unhappy with your neckline, but don’t have the money, time, or want to commit to surgery, then Contours Rx – Neck Rescue is for you. Hide your wattle instantly. The flexibility and durability of Contours Rx – Neck Rescue does not restrain your neck from any motor functions, so you can continue with your day looking beautiful and feeling confident.

Your Neck Ages Faster Than Any Other Part of Your Body

  • Instant neck rejuvenation without surgery or expensive treatments.
  • A simple and safe way to look years younger and regain your full confidence.

Tackling the Ultimate Age Betrayer

contours rx neck rescue before and after

Is your neck weighing you down, literally? We often forget to moisturize our neckline area, causing it to thin out, forming wrinkles and dryness. More often known as a ‘wattle’. Thankfully, there’s an instant solution you can use every day. Contours Rx – Neck Rescue will help you defy gravity to give your neck a sleek, smooth look that takes years off your appearance. Contour RX transforms your look by tightening the excess skin behind your neck for a natural, youthful look. Instantly revamp your appearance with NECK RESCUE and confidently own your age. Contour RX doesn’t hide your imperfections, it enhances your natural youth so you can represent your best self every day.

The Contour Rx Neck Rescue Differences:

Revolutionary Design – Contours RX was created with you in mind. The flawless design is translucent, perfect for all skin tones. Instantly transform your neckline for a natural, contoured appearance.

Instant Results – Wear Contours RX when you have a special event for instant and dramatic results. No other product on the market will give you the same effect in less time.

Medical-Grade – Contours RX is medical-grade, latex-free, and hypoallergenic. Wear the strip all day without irritation, redness, or itchiness.

How to use Contours Rx Neck Rescue:

How to use Contour Rx Neck Rescue

The Best Non-Commitment of Your Life

With Contours RX, you can confidently flaunt your sleek, smooth neckline every day. Never again worry about loose and saggy skin that adds years to your appearance. This revolutionary beauty technology is a natural solution for a younger-looking you. Highest quality, revolutionary design, instant results! Never again worry about expensive and painful surgery. Perfect for everyday use!

  • Strong Hold – Contours RX will keep your excess skin in place until you decide to take it off. The strip is designed to recontour your neckline for a natural, smooth look. For dramatic results, you can even use more than one! 
  • Translucent – Contours RX is translucent and works on any skin tone. The strip disappears when properly applied, for a natural-looking finish.
  • Works in Seconds! – Contours RX works in seconds to give you the results you have always wanted! Unlike surgery, there is no recovery time.
  • Smoother Neckline – Fight the signs of aging by smoothing out your neckline for a youthful appearance. Hide loose, saggy skin and never again worry about anyone looking at your wattle!
  • Natural Recontouring – Use Contours RX to reveal the natural contours of your neckline. Accentuate your true beauty and you’ll love the transformation!
  • Non-Surgical Solution – This is an instant solution to a saggy, loose neckline! It’s risk free, safe, and requires no recovery time.

You Risk Nothing! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Contours RX is the only non-surgical solution that gives you drastic results instantly. The strips are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and blend with every skin tone. You can also read our review.

Contours Rx – Neck Rescue Reviews

  1. Jane Nichols

    I am an older model and Neck Rescue has honestly helped me stay competitive in this market. I put them on before a shoot or have my makeup artist help me, and they last all day.

  2. Jacqueline Drury

    These are really fun and they do the trick. All of my crepey neck skin was tucked away for my birthday, it was great. Stayed put all night and took it off in the shower no problem.

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