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Clipper Pro – Nail Clipper

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$59.98 $29.99

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  • Super high quality steel cutting blades
  • 180 degree rotating blades for precise operation
  • Super easy to cut without painful pressure
  • Designed by orthopedic surgeons
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Clipper Pro makes cutting your nails easy and effortless

Don’t struggle with low-quality, dangerous scissors and nail clippers that are sold in discount stores. They are poorly manufactured to a lowball price and can bend and break. Flimsy metal cutters hurt your hands, and can even cause injury when you try to force them to cut tough nails. The easy and scientific way to cut your nails is here:

  • Clipper Pro is an extremely high-quality cutting instrument that was designed by orthopedic surgeons.

  • It will make cutting even the toughest nails easy and painless.

  • Thick, ingrown, and tough nails will cut like butter and not hurt your hands!

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The Clipper Pro has been tested to help eliminate pain for the elderly when cutting their nails. It is precise and clean, it can be washed easily with no danger of rust. It completely transforms the nail cutting experience. Clipper Pro was invented by doctors & surgeons. They are precision-manufactured in small batches, not made by some huge corporation in a mega-factory.

clipperpro product image 21. The Clipper Pro handle is made of synthetic polymer plastic for lightweight and ergonomic handling. It makes them easy to hold even with brittle or arthritic hands.

2. The nail clippers’ blade swivels a full 180 degrees, to ensure safety when clipping other’s nails.

3. Designed with medical-grade stainless steel and promised a lifetime guarantee!

Because of its large, comfortable handles, Clipper Pro provides plenty of leverage to cut your nails. And because the cutting edge can be rotated to any angle, it makes it easy to get a cut, a clean cut even if your wrists lack flexibility. And best of all, you get the neatest, cleanest looking cuts on my fingernails without any pain, uncomfortable stretching, or contorting yourself into weird positions. The Clipper Pro nail clipper provides much better control, positioning, and ease for nail cutting. The larger handle and swiveling blades make them easy to use even for people that have back issues or arthritis. The Clipper Pro is a medical-grade nail clipper made with high-quality materials. This product makes it easy for people to clip their nails in a safe and effective way. It has a large, custom-made handle that fits into the palm of your hand which gives you enough control to make sure the clipper doesn’t slip. Plus, the swiveling blade made cutting nails at any angle a breeze!

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And the surgical steel cutting blades require almost no force to clip nails. They easily snip your nails like a hot knife through butter. Cutting nails at any angle is precise and easy, and it is designed so you can’t cut your nails too short. No pain, no bleeding; cutting nails is quick and easy! Clipper Pro works great on fingernails and toenails. Super easy to use yourself, or if you are cutting nails for someone else, like an elderly person, a kid, or even a baby, also has some great other advantages aswell:

  • No odd, uncomfortable positions or movements. Swiveling blade allows you to clip your nails at any angle.
  • Only needs a super-light touch to instantly cut even the toughest nail.
  • Scientifically-designed to be a high-quality, hospital-grade, scientific instrument. It's made of 440C stainless surgical steel.
  • Unique double-action mechanism. Very little force needed.
  • Designed to be as precise as operating room instruments.

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For more information you can also check the review.

UPDATE: As you might imagine, sales of Clipper Pro have gone through the roof recently, due to the virus scare. Clipper Pro has become so popular overnight that the people who make them are having a hard time just keeping them in stock. The company that makes Clipper Pro have just completed a new manufacturing run, but the risk of them selling out soon means you should get yours right away. And even better, the company that makes Clipper Pro is offering a special, reduced-price, introductory offer to new customers. There’s never been a better time to get Clipper Pro for yourself.

8 reviews for Clipper Pro – Nail Clipper

  1. Alicia Howe

    These nail clippers are great. The craftsmanship is superb. I would definitely purchase this product again and refer my friends to buy the same!

  2. Michael Nolan

    I really like the feel, they won’t slip out of your fingers and are easy to hold, also they are very sharp. Top it off with a zippered leather pouch to keep them in. No lost clippers.

  3. Camilla Coulter

    Really good clippers. They are sharp but don’t bite. I have the bad habit of picking my cuticles and these are the most reliable clippers I’ve used for cleaning up peeling skin.

  4. Anna Espada

    I was pleasantly surprised by how good this product was. Seemed simple enough, but this is easily much better than the cheap clippers I have purchased in drug stores over the years.

  5. Marie Strader

    This is an impressive set of nail clippers. I just expected a regular set, but was pleasantly surprised at the quality. It’s always nice when you order something without any expectations, and they impress you with an excellent product.

  6. David Hart

    Like most people, I had accumulated way too many nail clippers. But none seem to cut precisely. So I finally ordered these after reading very good reviews. I’m now throwing away all of the clippers I had accumulated! These are officially the best I have. Not sure exactly how they’re constructed any better, but they clip so much better!

  7. Jordan Brown

    I was so impressed with ?this product. Cutting my nails and toe nails has always been a chore until now. I bought the CLIPPERPRO and my life is now complete. I love this product. This is the best nail clipper I’ve ever used.

  8. Lisa Bradley

    I used this to cut my own nails. Arthritis has damaged my fingers so I couldn’t clip my own nails. Now I can!! I save ’cause I don’t have to pay for a manicure. Win-Win!!! ??Thanks

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