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Clipper Pro Review – Is It Worth It?


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Clipping nails used to be an ordeal, painful wrist, even bleeding. Clipper Pro makes clipping nails easier than ever and this is how I found out! Every week, I go to visit my Dad. He’s 72 years old, and he lives alone in a house he’s lived in for 35 years. I bring the kids and I always bring him some nice food to eat. For example, last time I picked up some bagels, some rotisserie chicken, and a few bottles of his favorite diet soda. He has arthritis and painful joints, so it’s hard for him to get out shopping as much as he wants. My Mom passed away a few years ago, so Dad pretty much has to take care of himself.

Dad is so happy when we stop by. The family all comes, and we make a day out of it. Everyone usually spends a few hours helping Dad out in the house. I fixed a leaky faucet for him, helped to fix his wireless router (Dad is helpless when it comes to computers), and my wife tidied up his kitchen, helped him with his laundry and baked some cookies for him.

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We’re happy to help out. Our three kids love to play with “Grampa”, and his face lights up so much when he sees the kids it makes us all feel great. It was a few weeks ago that my Dad was playing with the kids when one of the kids yelled out.

“OW, Grandpa, your nails are so sharp! Be careful!”

I took a look at his hands, and sure enough, his fingernails were a mess. They were all uneven and weird looking. Some of his nails were cut too short, and some of his other nails were all crazy and looked like they were cut at strange angles. They felt as sharp as a razor. But the nails that were cut too short were even worse. They were cut all the way down to the bottom. There were some little cuts and dried blood, and his fingers looked very painful.

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“Dad!” I said. “What’s wrong with your fingernails?”

“Oh, my nails are always like that lately. It’s so difficult to cut my nails. I always have a hard time.

Dad told me he used to cut his nails with a small nail scissor, but it had gotten dull, and was not very good. Even worse, his arthritis made it really hard for him to use a small scissor.

“I have to bend my wrist into difficult angles when I cut my nails. My arthritis makes it really hard to do. I just can’t cut my nails easily anymore like when I was younger. The scissors slip and I drop them, and then it’s hard to bend over to find them and pick them up.”

“Don’t you have one of those nail clippers that you squeeze? That might be easier.” I said.

Dad showed me his other nail clipper.

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“That cheap piece of junk? I bought it at the discount store. It’s made in some crummy factory and it’s harder to use than the scissors. The blades are dull, duller than my nail scissors.

You have to position it just right and squeeze really hard to clip your nails. You don’t have the wrist pain and arthritis that I do. It’s really tough when you get older like I am. Things that seem easy for you young folks are not easy for me!”

“Gee, Dad, I had no idea! Let me help you.”

I took the nail scissors and I carefully trimmed Dad’s nails. I could see what he meant. Even though I was cutting his nails for him, the scissors were dull and they were really hard to use. Dad kept pulling his hands away and grimacing. I could tell it hurt and he was uncomfortable, but finally it was done. We cleaned Dad’s hands, put on some lotion, and he felt much better.

“Dad, next time we come, I'm going to buy you a much better nail clipper. I’ll find one that’s easier for you to use.”

I discovered Clipper Pro. The high quality, precision nail cutting tool with surgical steel blades.

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 When I got home, I began my quest for the best nail cutting tool I could find. I looked online, but all I could find were these cheap, low-quality clippers that my Dad already owned. I even went to Walmart and a few other stores, but I couldn’t find anything that was the quality that I wanted. So I called my college friend who was a big doctor at a New York hospital. He was a professor of Gerontology, which is a medical professional who specializes in the problems of the aged. I described what I was looking for to him.

Wow, it’s interesting that you asked me that question!” he said. “I never realized it before I started my practice, but nail cutting and hygiene are two of the most-asked questions my senior patients have! I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into this and I think I have an answer for you!

“Fantastic, what’s that?” I asked.

“Well, there’s a brand-new product which just became available a few months ago, and since I’ve recommended it to my patients, they tell me it’s a godsend. Patients used to get back pain, wrist pain, or worse, but now clipping nails is so easy when they use this new product.

“It’s quite an amazing product actually, it’s called the Clipper Pro!”

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Here are the breakthrough features of this revolutionary nail cutting device:

The Clipper Pro is a high-quality nail clipper that was designed by three surgeons to make nail cutting simple and easy for everyone. Clipper Pro provides much better control, positioning, and ease for nail cutting. The larger handle and swiveling blades make them easy to use even for people that have back issues or arthritis, our product is also a medical-grade nail clipper made with high-quality materials. Clipper Pro makes it easy for people to clip their nails in a safe and effective way. It has a large, custom-made handle that fits into the palm of your hand which gives you enough control to make sure the clipper doesn’t slip. Plus, the swiveling blade made cutting nails at any angle a breeze.

And the surgical steel cutting blades require almost no force to clip nails. They easily snip your nails like a hot knife through butter. Cutting nails at any angle is precise and easy, and it is designed so you can’t cut your nails too short. No pain, no bleeding; cutting nails is quick and easy!

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I ordered several for my dad, and even got two for my family!

  • There is only one website where you can get the genuine, super high quality Clipper Pro. There are some similar looking clippers, but none that are the precision genuine item.
  • Shipping was really fast. I got mine in time for my next visit to Dad.
  • I gave Dad the Clipper Pro, and he was hooked immediately! He cut the nails on his hands himself, and he was smiling the whole time. It was such a clean and neat job, and it was so easy!
  • Dad said he had no pain, and he did not hurt his wrist or his back at all!!
  • I use Ckipper Pro to cut my own nails and my kid’s nails. It works great, and our nails are as neat as a professional manicure!!

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