Buzz B Gone – Say Goodbye To Mosquitoes Once And For All

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  • Buzz B Gone lures mosquitoes in with UV light.
  • Buzz B Gone’s powerful 360° fan sucks them in.
  • Once inside, they can’t escape.
  • Put an end to itching, burning mosquitoes bites.
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Stop mosquitoes in their tracks with Buzz B Gone

When you think of the animal that kills the highest number of human beings every year, which animal do you think of? Great White sharks? Rattlesnakes? Or maybe something like wolves or bears? If so, you would be wrong. Mosquitoes kill far more humans than any other animal, killing approximately one million people every year by infecting them with diseases like malaria or the Zika virus. While your chances of getting such a serious disease from a mosquito in the US are slim, Americans still suffer greatly from mosquito bites. But even for people who don’t have a particular vulnerability to mosquito bites, they’re still a serious matter. Buzzing in your face, biting you or your kids, and giving you itchy, burning bites is no picnic! It’s enough to ruin any backyard barbecue.

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Buzz B Gone lures mosquitos into a trap

By emitting a strong, 360° field of bug-attracting UV light, Buzz B Gone lures in mosquitoes. Once they approach, Buzz B Gone’s powerful suction fans suck the mosquitoes into the device’s central core where they become trapped inside, unable to bite you or your family. Like humans, mosquitoes can’t survive without water, and Buzz B Gone includes a dehydrator that will naturally and safely ensure that they are killed.

Buzz B Gone is easy to use

Just plug it in and start enjoying your backyard, patio, or deck. Nothing ruins an outdoor gathering faster than an invasion of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. But Buzz B Gone lures them in with ultraviolet light, stopping them from ever biting your family. Buzz B Gone allows you to take back your backyard or deck.

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  • Removes insects from your home or work environment easily and effectively.
  • Uses UV light to attract insects and a powerful 360 degree suction fan to capture them.
  • It kills without the use of chemicals and is perfectly safe for children and pets.
  • It’s really small and light, perfect for camping, outdoor meetings and indoors too.
  • Keeps dead mosquitoes inside.


Buzz B Gone is 100% safe

It contains no poisons or harmful chemicals. Buzz B Gone uses no harmful chemicals or poisons, and is safe to use around bird feeders, pets, small children, or any other living creature. It’s a hundred percent safe to use, even indoors, like in your bedroom. It’s great for killing those mosquitoes that sneak in and bite you while you’re sleeping. Summer is coming soon and people can’t wait to get out in their backyards again. Buzz B Gone makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive by a swarm of mosquitoes. If you want to protect yourself and your family from this vicious horde of bloodsuckers, Buzz B Gone provides the safest, most effective method for making your home and yard bug-free. And you don’t have to slather yourself in smelly, toxic skin creams, either. Buzz B Gone is the best way to enjoy the outdoors bug-free.

Benefits of Buzz B Gone

Utility aspect: This equipment can be operated with great ease. There is no need for any prior training or knowledge to use it.

Completely safe: It doesn’t involve any pesticides or insecticides. So you do not have to worry about poisoning. You can use it near food or in kitchen areas without any safety hazards.

Portable: It is compact and can be carried from one place to another without any issues. You can put it inside a bag, and you will be good to go. So there is no need to carry the cumbersome mosquito net wherever you go.

Efficiency: It is a highly efficient product in getting rid of the bugs. The UV light ensures that the insects are attracted to it, and they finally get trapped in it.

How to use Buzz B Gone

  1. Simply plug the device in to a USB electrical outlet or powerbank.
  2. Place it in an area where mosquitoes gather, like your backyard or deck.
  3. Let it work its magic. It will instantly trap the mosquitoes, letting you enjoy a safe, bite-free evening.
  4. Cleanup is that easy. All you need to do is dump them out of the holding container and give it a quick rinse.


3 reviews for Buzz B Gone – Say Goodbye To Mosquitoes Once And For All

  1. Joe Williams

    I knew Buzz B Gone was the real thing as soon as I read about it. It uses the same UV tech as the industrial bug zappers in restaurant patios that cost thousands of dollars. I installed one in each of our bedrooms, and I take one outside if we’re having a barbeque. It gets rid of all the mosquitos, and even draws away flies, moths, and other bothersome insects, too.

  2. Stephen B. Stegall

    Listen, I get it, nobody likes mosquito bites. But for me, they were even worse. I get an allergic reaction to the bites, and the itching and swelling would be positively unbearable. I tried a number of anti-mosquito salves and lotions, but they were even harder on my skin than the mosquito bites. Thank goodness for Buzz B Gone It lets me enjoy the evening outdoors instead of being trapped in my home like a prisoner.

  3. Sarah Stewart

    I hate mosquito bites as much as the next guy, but what really bugged me is how they ate up my kids. I tried all kinds of solutions, but nothing worked. Finally someone invented a device that actually works! Now my kids can enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive by mosquitos.

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