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Breathe Green Review – Is It Worth It?


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I’ve suffered with allergies for 23 years, seen every doctor and tried every medication. But the answer called Breathe Green was right under my nose the whole time. Allergies suck. If you have them, you know. If you don’t let me fill you in. It starts with a really crappy night’s sleep. You toss and turn all night looking for the most comfortable way to breathe. And the coughing. Just when you feel like you’re drifting off into dreamy bliss a cough jars you back awake. Then, after a less than optimal night you wake up to start your day. Red, watery eyes. Sneezing. And a runny nose. It’s another day filled with tissues, difficulty focusing, and exhaustion. It’s like a cold but not viral. And for those of us that suffer year round there’s no “cure”. Only the hope that something will reduce the symptoms long enough that we can take a full breath. And one thing I’ve noticed over the last 23 years with my allergies is how I feel the worst in the mornings.

Which made me wonder “If I’m allergic to the outside world, why do I feel worse in the mornings?

So a quick internet search returned more than 8 Million results. That’s a lot of people with the same question. And a recurring theme I found was dust. Now, I’m a self-proclaimed neat freak. It’s an obsession. And you kind of have to be when almost everything in the world can trigger an allergic reaction. So I couldn’t believe it when dust could be a trigger for my morning flare ups. But simple dust isn’t the real issue. It’s what’s hiding in the dust. Or rather what’s living in the dust that causes allergic reactions. It’s microscopic creatures that feed on the dander and skin cells. And these creatures don’t live under my tv stand where I only get to once a year for spring cleaning. Unfortunately, these creatures thrive in warm, humid environments.

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Like furniture and my bed. Yes, the bed! eek! My mattress and my pillow to be exact. not the sheets which I wash at least once a week. No these little creatures are in my mattress. And I’m not talking about bed bugs. These microscopic creatures are dust mites. And it’s these little creatures that contribute to my morning flare ups. In fact, according to the asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Dust mites may be the most common trigger of year-round allergies and asthma.

But what is it about these things that cause an allergic reaction?

It’s the body parts and waste from dust mites that cause allergic reactions. Yeah, you read that right you may be allergic to dust mite poop. Talk about a major ick-factor. And it gets worse. Research has shown that after two years nearly one third of your pillow’s weight is from dead dust mites and poop.

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It’s no wonder those who suffer from allergies and asthma can’t get a good night’s sleep. But even for those who aren’t allergic, who wants to sleep on a poop infested mattress and pillow? I know I don’t. This news brought me back to the web to find prevention methods. And again, there’s millions of resources. And they range from clean your house to remove all the carpet. Which are all great options, but let’s be reasonable. There’s only so many times you can clean. And outright replacing everything isn’t realistic. One method mentioned is a zippered protective case for the mattress and pillow. I thought, sure, let’s try it. But that didn’t last long. Because those things make me sweat in my sleep. And sound like you’re practicing a drum solo when you shift in the bed. Which is to say they’re loud. Now, when you already have a hard time sleeping those extra “features” don’t make it any better. And think about it where do the dust mites go if they are encased inside the bag? Actually, I don’t want to think about it. That’s when a friend of mine recommended a new solution. One that doesn’t require harsh chemicals or sweat-producing mattress bags.

An eco friendly product, Breathe Green made with 100% natural ingredients.

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It’s called mite fighter from Breathe Green. You simply place the pouches in the corners under your mattress or in your pillow case and it goes to work. You can even stuff it under the seat cushions of your couch to ensure you don’t have any dust mites hanging out there. So how does Breathe Green work? With science. It has three active ingredients: lemon, eucalyptus essence, and citronella oil. This potent combination tells dust mites they can’t breed here. That’s where the science comes in. A study by the school of medicine and health sciences in New Zealand put eucalyptus oil to the test. They found that eucalyptus oil can destroy up to 95.1% of dust mites. Which crushes washing your sheets. In fact, the same study reports washing sheets reduces dust mites by a pitiful 10%. The eucalyptus does the trick by repelling the dust mites. So they don’t even set up ‘home’ in your mattress and pillow.

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Researchers in Sydney, Australia tested citronella oil against dust mites. The results show citronella oil may reduce dust mite activity by up to 80%. And what’s even more amazing is how fast it works. The researchers found reduced dust mite activity 30 minutes after exposure. That’s why it’s no wonder I’ve been able to get a good night’s sleep and breathe better with Breathe Green under my pillow. It’s amazing to think that after 23 years of suffering with allergies and the worst morning flare, the answer was right under my nose the whole time. So if you have trouble breathing at night wake up with watery, red eyes or suffer from coughing and sneezing at night try Breathe Green. You’ll be glad you did.

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Breathe Green Review - Is It Worth It?
Breathe Green Review - Is It Worth It? 1

It’s called mite fighter from Breathe Green. You simply place the pouches in the corners under your mattress or in your pillow case and it goes to work.

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