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Better Than Zero Review – The Perfect Solution


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Why the “Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter” is extremely important in this time of mask shortages. With the growing fear for a new pandemic and the shortage of surgical masks, staying protected can be tricky. Fortunately, there’s Better Than Zero. It’s a fabric bandana that’s not stylish but also offers great protection. Made from super high-quality material, it’s lightweight and compact for easy storage. The bandana itself is incredibly elastic and can be adjusted to fit anything you may need from a scarf, hoodie, or, more importantly, a face mask.

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I want you to learn about this new product because I wear it, my family wears it, and I want you to wear it too. I am writing this story as I would write to a friend. I am not a medical professional, but I write about and review many health-related and self-improvement products.

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Just like some people remember exactly what they were doing on 9/11, or older people who remember the day that Kennedy got shot, we will never forget periods where viruses struck our people, hospitals, and communities. There was a man named Samuel Pepys who is very well known to students of English Literature. He left a detailed diary of the Great Plague of London in 1665, which is still a vivid read to this day. I have read and reread his accounts and experiences. A famous philosopher named George Santayana said, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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Times of great danger and great change require people to adapt and to do things differently than how we did it before. Different ways of behavior, like “social distancing” and definitely different things to wear, like surgical masks. If you’ve ever lived or travelled to Asia, you’ll be familiar with people wearing surgical masks. In places like Japan or China, wearing a mask when you feel ill, or when mingling with others who might be ill, is seen as appropriate social behavior. But in the past, in North America, wearing a mask used to be seen as “weird” or strange. So even though many doctors and health officials are convinced that wearing a mask cuts down the chance of being infected or infecting others, you almost never saw people wearing masks in the USA or Canada.

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So, wearing a mask was seen as a good thing, but like fashions, they fell out of favor. In the 1920’s and 1960’s, women wore short skirts, then this fashion stopped. The same thing happened with masks.

When you wear the Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter over a surgical mask, you are getting extra protection.

  • You get another layer of cloth to filter the air
  • It keeps your mask in place and helps to keep it sealed across your face
  • The mask underneath does not get as contaminated
  • You can wash the gaiter when you get home and disinfect the mask and reuse it
  • This is especially great when masks are in short supply and tough to find

Here are some more tips of how to take care of your neck gaiter:

Put your neck gaiter in a washing machine and wash it with detergent or soap to get your neck gaiter clean.

A few minutes washing with soap or detergent and water is sufficient to wash away potential residues of viruses.

Then let the neck gaiter hang freely on the line to dry out for 12 to 24 hours or leave it on the heating until it has properly dried out.

Do not use bleach, softeners, or other aggressive detergents, do not dry the neck gaiter in a dryer, and do not iron it. If you follow these instructions, the neck gaiter will last through many many washing cycles!

In addition to that, to achieve the highest level of protection, it is necessary to stick to the basic principles of hygiene using antibacterial gels for washing your hands and avoiding touching your face and eyes. If you want to wear the neck gaiter continuously, we recommend getting at least three or four. While you are wearing one, the other one is being washed or is drying out. Out of an abundance of caution, we do not recommend you share your neck gaiter with anyone else after washing, not even a family member.

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This is how I personally clean my masks. I live in NYC and it has been very hard to buy masks, so after I wear my mask under my Better Than Zero neck gaiter, I carefully take off the neck gaiter. Then I remove the surgical mask. I have a solution of steramine, which is a germ-killing liquid used in the food industry.

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  1. I soak both the mask and the neck gaiter in the steramine solution for 10 minutes. Of course, I have carefully washed my hands according to CDC instructions.

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2. The mask then hangs up to dry, and the neck gaiter goes into the washing machine.

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3. I always have a freshly sanitized mask and neck gaiter.

I sincerely believe in Better Than Zero, and I want all of you to be safe and healthy. I absolutely use Better Than Zero for myself and my family. I believe in this product and am proud to inform you and alert you to the substantial benefits of the “Better Than Zero Neck Gaiter”. We all wish you the best and hope you will remember how you lived through this extreme period of history for years to come!

Limited Time Discount

Better Than Zero Review - The Perfect Solution
Better Than Zero Review - The Perfect Solution 1

Fortunately, there’s Better Than Zero. It’s a fabric bandana that’s not stylish but also offers great protection. Made from super high-quality material, it’s lightweight and compact for easy storage.

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